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The  Reality™  Institute

Both an online publication and a service institute, the Reality™ Institute is dedicated to determining what's real and what's not so that you don't have to.

I started The Reality™ Institute in 2008, originally as a place to showcase my own work and remind me of what was most important in life with pictures of my family and friends.  Soon, it devolved into an online publication bent on consolidating all aspects of reality and all perceptions of reality under one umbrella corporatoin. By trademarking all things it deemed authentic and refusing to authenticate any simulacra, replications, or forgeries, the Reality™ Institute and its parent corporation, Reality™ Inc. Co. could control all aspects of reality.

While the thematic content is curated and often created by me, the design, layout, coding, etc. is and always will be designed by Ben Nyberg.

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