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A 3D printable video game created with 3D scanning.


Given the imminent release of the Project Tango 3D scanning smartphone from Google and Lenovo, as well as the likely 3D scanning-capable iPhone 7 Plus from Apple, I decided to create a rough proof-of-concept video game to demonstrate a complete mixed reality ecosystem in which physical content is brought into the digital world with 3D scanning and pushed back out into the physical world with 3D printing.


I made an Instructable that will walk you through the use of a consumer 3D scanner (the Structure Sensor from Occipital) to capture reality data (my entire apartment, myself, and people from my life), how to import it into Unity and the coding for a simple video game. Pretty much all of the assets in this game are 3D printable!


If you have the latest version of Firefox, you should be able to play the game here. I've written about the game on UploadVR and discusses the broader concept of mixed reality on the 3D Printing Business Directory.

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