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A phantogram music video, liner notes and album, streaming on Spotify.

After taking a course on holography, I got into 3D images of all kinds. POP! was an attempt at making "the first" phantogram video.  A phantogram is an anaglyph that appears to rise up from the surface, rather than pop out from right in front of you.  So, you'd place the red and cyan picture on a table and look down at it from a 45 degree angle and see the image rise up from the tabletop. Bill Alschuler, the holography professor, mentioned that someone had already made a moving phantogram in which it looked like little figures were dancing on the surface of a TV screen flipped on its back, but I forgot about what he'd said and set about making my own and calling it the first.

I recorded a song in Garageband a year or two before taking this class, but could never figure out any lyrics. Then, after learning about holograms, everything made sense: I'm a hologram! Using Illustrator, I created still frames and animated them in Final Cut. For my Tiny Press class, taught by Jen Hofer, I created  an album with liner notes to hand out to my classmates, which you can download here.

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