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Lip Service was founded by my wife, Danielle Matich, as a satire of women's magazines, like Cosmopolitan.


Offering awful advice to direct women to conform to gender roles and patriarchal dominance in the most dehumanizing and harmful way possible, Lip Service is the "pretty , popular girl's bible to looking fab and feeling great." The hyperbole of the text and slightly surreal images provide the only distinction between this magazine and other, non-satiric magazines.  Articles published by Lip Service include "Be All That You Can Pee: Beauty Tips and Tricks You Can Make in Your Own Home!", "5 Quick Steps to a Younger Looking Vagina", and "What You're Doing Wrong."


The Editor-In-Chief of the often sardonic, sometimes silly, and always poetic Lip Service is Danielle, while I contribute as a Staff Writer, Associate Editor, and occassional stock image finder.




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