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Harvey Spizzle and the Big Event

Currently on Inkshares and seeking publication/representation:


Sixteen-year-old Harvey Spizzle is lost in a murky world of high-level conspiracies, boarding school brats, hints of the occult, a legendary school rivalry—and her own murky gender identity. 


Sure, Harvey wasn’t all that interested in the assassination of student assembly president Josh Kilpatrick—that is, until she learned that his alleged murderer, James Leonard Twill, may have been a patsy, a pawn in a murderous game played by Moorehaven Academy’s powerful Crisis Management Team. Now, Harvey has thrown herself headfirst into investigating the murder of the most promising student at the most prestigious private school in the U.S. 


And it wasn’t until she met Kinzly, Moorehaven’s other enby kid and Harvey’s possible love interest, that she even knew “non-binary” was an option. Thanks to Kinzly, Harvey makes a new group of friends that lend their own unique skills to try to solve the case. There’s Mo, a disaffected hacker; Roger, a lovable, car-racing pothead; and Hack, the nebbish CMT officer with an inside look at the crime. 


Together, the crew tracks the footprints of Kilpatrick’s would-be killer, break into administration email accounts, and come face to face with murderous teens and teachers, all under the watchful eye of the enigmatic Ziggurat of Admissions and immersed in the blood-red mist of a climate experiment gone wrong.


HARVEY SPIZZLE AND THE BIG EVENT is a young adult contemporary novel complete at ~70,000 words and professionally edited by Seth Blake, who edited multiple volumes of Mark Danielewski‘s The Familiar. It is written as a stand-alone novel but has the potential for a sequel.


 As a "fresh take" on the "old classic" that is the JFK assassination, the book attempts to illustrate the dynamics of power within the U.S. education system as a microcosm for hidden power within the country at large. Harvey Spizzle and the Big Event is based primarily off of the investigation of DA Jim Garrison into the assassination of JFK and includes elements from real world conspiracies, including the Panama Papers and the Troika Laundromat scandal. If this were to spin into a series, I plan to construct a conspiracy-heavy universe for Harvey. All of this is stitched together with reflections on the nature of life and its meaning from the perspective of a high school student. 

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