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Enterprise In Space, an international project of the National Space Society, has as its multi-pronged mission to design, build, fly, and eventually return to Earth an orbiter containing student experiments.


Established by Shawn Case and a massive team of NASA space vetrans, EIS may lay the foundation for the future of STEAM education, while accomplishing a number of historical firsts.  In addition to sending a 3D printed spacecraft carrying over 100 active and passive student experiments into Earth's orbit, EIS is building an online academy to teach STEAM education to students around the world with the help of an artificial intelligence platform called Ali. Ali will not only control the active experiments aboard the ship and communicate with the EIS team on Earth, but she will also act as a personal tutor to students around the world with a 4G connection.


As a volunteer for EIS, I help establish partnerships and connect with media to provide EIS with the publicity it needs to get this project off the ground.


To learn more about the project, visit their website and/or read an interview I conducted with Shawn for 3DPI. And donate $20 to get your name flown on the NSS Enterprise when it goes into orbit!




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